Instructor: Moses SowaleLanguage: English

About the course

Find an item that represents you in life. The item should be a symbol of inspiration that connects you to God and reminds you of who He created you to be. The item is something that makes you feel alive and close to God. What does your soul connect to? For instance, Rev. Moses loves grass. The smell of grass makes him feel closer to God.

Everything comes from God. He spoke everything into being. Whatever your item is, it should connect you to God and represent your relationship with Him. In this module, you will find an item that represents your personality and learn how it can help you focus on and remember your true identity.


What you'll learn

Discover your unique Item

Every individual is unique in his or her way. The things that define your uniqueness are only for you and describe how people view you. There are objects that fit perfectly with your personality. Your goal would be to find those items that represents your personality.

Improve Your Personality

Learn how symbolism can help you grow in your identity. Your chosen item will help you depict your individual personality and give you a much deeper meaning. You will also be able to discover more about your external and internal self as revealed by the items of your choice and take positive steps to improve how you see yourself and other people's perception of you.

Connect with your Item

Pinpoint the various emotions that connect you with your chosen Item, your chosen item should be something that makes you feel alive and close to God. Your chosen item helps you create the story of your life. You will also be able to visualize your expectations for the future using the item that best represents you.

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