Education Assessment - Adults

No matter how old we are or what we’ve done in life, we’re always learning.

Instructor: Moses SowaleLanguage: English

About the course

No matter how old we are or what we’ve done in life, we’re always learning. It’s just as important to remain open to learning as appreciating your accomplishments. 

In this module, you will take stock of your educational needs, progress, skills, and career outlook. You will learn ways you can evaluate, measure, and record your progress through your education and career.  We will help you evaluate your current behaviors against your goals and internal values. 


What you’ll learn

Discover what you are created to do

God created you for a purpose. Similar to how a manufacturer makes a product with a goal in mind, it is with your creator. Everyone is responsible for discovering what they were created to do and what problem they were meant to solve.

Identify your core strengths and skills

It is crucial to assess your general strengths and abilities and identify specific areas where you may need more help or support. Understanding the areas where you excel will positively utilize your strengths and skills.

Recognize your preferred learning style

Identifying your learning style entails determining how you learn best. Then, you can use this knowledge to your advantage when studying by employing learning strategies that suit you.

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