Identity box is your own personal museum.

Instructor: Moses SowaleLanguage: English

About the course

Identity box is your own personal museum. This box will help you remember who you are and where you are coming from. It will draw you back to your original self.

You can fill this box with anything that resonates with you. Each item has a story behind it that means something to you. Similar to the item that represents you, it can be anything that makes you feel close to God and true to yourself. In this module, you will create an identity box that helps you explore and remember who you are.


What you’ll learn

Choose items for your identity box

Choose items for your identity box: You will select various items which will be a representation of your internal and external selves. These objects should be one that you feel describes your personal identity, cultural identity and shows you about yourself. When selecting these items, things to consider includes; your hobbies, interests, personality traits and family background.

Explore your true self

Our identity is the way we define ourselves, this includes our values, beliefs and personality. It also encompasses the roles we play in our society and family. We have two identities, what the outside world thinks of us and what we internally think of ourselves. To express this concept, we need to create the contents of the box to represent the real you, not what people or friends feel about you. The items you will put in the box must represent your totality and must be able to tell a story about you.

Reclaim your identity

Your Identity is that personality trait that distinguishes you from every other person. Creating an Identity box will help you know and understand yourself better. Your selected items would evoke feelings, and desires that would spur you to remain true to your authentic self.

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