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About the course

Your personality is what makes you uniquely you. Getting to know your personality is crucial for setting and achieving goals, strengthening relationships, and cultivating inner peace. In this module, we’ll explore your personality, strengths, and weaknesses. This will help you create a more balanced, whole self-image rooted in God’s love.


What you’ll learn

Explore your Personality

Dig into your identity and appreciate your personality type: Everyone has a personality type, your personality is only for you and also describes how people view you. An understanding of our personalities can help us find situations in which we will thrive, and help us avoid situations in which we will experience too much anxiety.

Identify Your Strength:

Embrace and develop your personal strength: our strengths are what help us achieve our goals and be successful in life. Our strengths, when developed properly, can also contribute to life's satisfaction and well-being, for when we know our strengths, we can make an effort to put them to greater use and grow our chances for success.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Recognize and enfold your Weaknesses: We all have strengths and weaknesses and that's all right. Our goal is to understand our strengths so we can use them better and understand our weaknesses so we can improve them. When we know our weaknesses (especially weaknesses that undermine our well-being), we can better address them, improve, and increase our chances for success.

Gain self-knowledge

Attain a balanced and whole self Image: When you spend time reflecting on your personality strengths and weaknesses, you can more easily see and appreciate all your talents and skills. This helps you make decisions that better reflect your true self, makes you happy and increases your self-confidence.

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